Casa Mibellarosa's Summer Favorites

Casa Mibellarosa's Summer Favorites

Summer is synonymous with vacations, sun, and school being out! At Casa Mibellarosa, we have so many fun, luxe, and unique finds to elevate your time off and help you and your family have your best summer ever. Here are some of our favorite selections and why YOU need them!

Iridescent Cocktail Straws

Iridescent Cocktail Straws 

Paper straws are disgusting and plastic straws kill turtles - typical lose/lose scenario. Metal straws are here to save the day BUT most of them are WAY too long for a shorter glass and they're boring. Don't worry, that's where we come in. Iridescent cocktail straws are the perfect length and all the colors of the rainbow. Snag them now as the perfect summer drink accessory.

Farmers Market Tote 

(available in cream or blush)
The Farmers Market Tote doubles as the perfect pool bag. It stretches to fit almost anything: a towel, sunscreen, goggles, drinks, you name it. It's SUPER light weight and won't take up room!

Dry Brush for Body

Girl, we love you, but - your skin is dusty and crusty. Especially with all of that sun exposure and greasy sunscreen build up this summer. But don't worry, we've got your back. And your front. And your limbs. The dry brush removes ALL dead skin and yucky build up and restores blood flow and collagen production in your skin keeping you looking glowing, youthful, and ready for the pool (or a pray tan).

Dog Beer 

These are the dog days of summer and your pups are feeling it too in the Houston heat! Our dog beer is the PERFECT treat to throw in an ice cube tray and give as a treat to keep your dog cool. Made with real ingredients that dogs love!

Garden Lace Scrunchies

There's nothing worse than being hot and sweaty and having your hair on the back of your neck sticking to you. Ugh. We feel gross just thinking about it. Obviously you're going to throw your hair up but with what? Meet our Lace Scrunchy! She's beautiful, she pulls an athleisure outfit together, and she's functional. This scrunchy is so easy on the hair - you won't be ripping it out looking at all the strands that got pulled with it unlike SOME hair ties we know (we're looking at you, old black hairtie cutting off the circulation on our wrist).


Jumbo Neon Jelly Stud Bag

What we LOVE about this bag is that it's water resistant, making it the hottest accessory for any pool party or beach trip. If it gets splashed, just wipe it dry with a cloth! She is equipped with a handle and removable shoulder strap which makes her a versatile baby. It's the perfect size to pack your phone, sunglasses, a travel sized sunscreen, and a lipstick! 

You're a Gem Coaster

It's HOT outside and we need you to stay hydrated!! Rest your chilled drinks on the coolest coasters on the block without damaging or staining your furniture.

Gold Box Turtle Box

Our beloved box turtle is the most bougie way to store your summer treasures and memories. This turtle will remind you of all the fun times by the water, and would be a super cute place to keep your sand dollars and sea shells, tvials of sand from the beaches visited, ticket stubs, and other tiny treasures. 

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